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Your minimal AI Assistant for macOS that doesn't take over your screen.

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New Version 0.5 released!

Streamline Your Workflow

No more losing focus while managing multiple tasks and apps. luuma is designed exclusively for macOS, crafted for users who value simplicity and productivity. With a clean and minimalistic interface, luuma keeps you on track and free from unnecessary distractions.

Minimalist Design

A sleek, distraction-free chat interface to keep you in the zone.

Seamless Integration

Optimized for macOS, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

Customizable Experience

Adjustable settings to fit your personal workflow and preferences.

Contextual Focus

Stay on task without the need to switch contexts, boosting your productivity.


Task-Centric Chats

Conversations tailored to specific tasks or projects, maintaining a clear and organized workflow.


Instant Access

The global keyboard shortcut, Option + Shift + L, allows you to instantly show or hide the app, ensuring you can access luuma whenever you need it without disrupting your workflow.


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Luuma 0.5 released

Yesterday, the newest version of Luuma was released. Luuma 0.5 focuses on improving the user experience.

Published 19.07.2024

Written by Timo

A better experience

Today, I finally released the new 0.4 version, which brings a lot of minor changes and improvements. But I would like to use this time to explain a bit about why I'm building Luuma and my perspective on its necessity.

Published 10.07.2024

Written by Timo

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